As one of the most professional roll forming and coil processing machine manufactures, XiaMen City Kinphon machine limited company located in the section of HuLi in the city of XiaMen.
    Now we have a technical team who has been long engaged in the development and design with extensive manufacturing experience as well as the most advanced mechanical processing equipment. The major products of our company include various types of corrugated board molding machines, C/Z types of cross beam molding machines, floor steel into plates molding equipment, floor steel into plates molding machines, Australia convolved doors molding machines and its related auxiliary equipment etc.
    The company has always pursued the running approach of “the quality first, the credibility first”. The company follows up the scent of the processing from machining accessory to the final delivery to use of equipment, and its strict with the quality of its products. The company wins customers home and abroad with high quality products and perfect post-sale service.
Tel:+86 592  5980412       Fax:+86 592  5980466
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